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With X-23's Tenth Anniversary/Birthday coming up in August.  What's your favorite story that featured X-23?  Why?  
Let's try and get a fan list comprised of these please.
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Mostly X-23 focused groups.
Our focus here is to the anniversaries only. Their focus is just to how outright awesome X-23 and her family is. We accept all affiliations that directly connect to or focus on X-23.

What is #X-23UOFACC?

We are the X-23 UnOfficial Fan Anniversary Collection Committee.

Our Focus Here is to help fans show their appreciation for Marvel's X-23 during her Birthdays, major Milestones, and Anniversaries by gathering any and or all material that should be collected, included, created, submitted, and or that can be found to help celebrate and commemorate different major milestones in her character history.

These works can include anything imaginable within the spectrum that DeviantArt will allow.
If still life is your thing, pass on your images.
If you see some that you love, do the same!
If the written word is your canvas, pass along your figuration.
If you read something you love, pass it along the same if fan created! Tell us why you enjoyed it and what forms it's available in if Marvel created.
If you make or know of music videos, share or regal us of what you love about them.
If you've seen fan trailers, share them and what you like about them.
If you want to make fan trailers but need clip source ideas, talk them out!
The only limit to what you do is you.
If you need ideas, talk them out. If you have technical issues, do the same.
I'm sure there are many willing to help talk out advice and even help an adventure be created!

Not every work will be to everyone's taste, but by having a diverse and outspoken fanbase there can be something for everyone.

Any and all contributions within the outlined rules are allowed.
Anything from a journal entry or more that discusses things you like about the character or that fans have made to any piece of creative work you can imagine.

Everyone is welcome, and the submission system has been set to allow any and all to submit pieces of work to their appropriate galleries as they deem it should fit. Only the featured gallery has had a vote system implemented but is often overruled by founders & co-founders to favor work submitted(or in most cases the appropriate section while still leaving it up for featured voting).

Above all else! Always feel free to ask questions!

So let's work together to make this heroine of the new youth generation remembered for what she is! A badass with a very raw human side that everyone can appreciate and root for!


Rules and Guidelines

1.) We adhere to Deviantart's Rules and Guidelines as they outline and update them.
2.) Be respectful to each other. We all make mistakes. Learn through discussion. It can create entirely new ideas and other positive productive endeavors.
3.) Rules can be appended as needed and will be enforced as needed.
4.) Above all else, remember this is about the character and all that relates from perspectives and choices to all that life entails of her world. That is the focal point.







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